Your very own personalized, cutting edge media outlet

Infused Digital is your very own personalized, cutting edge media outlet. As the age of cable is ending, the era of the internet is here. Not only does this mean unlimited access to all demographics, it also means competition is more fierce than ever. Social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and many others offer an advertising outreach all at an arms length. That is, if you know how to utilize these networks efficiently and effectively. That is where Infused Digital comes in. Our team of professional networkers are ready to promote your company through digital and social media. Your business will not only grow, it will flourish.

The Infused Video Production team was born as part of major clothing manufacturer that wanted to communicate with its core customers. They saw the potential of video and how it could connect their company to their customers. The rest is history, their name is now an industry brand, their sales are growing exponentially and their bottom line never looked better. The same talent and skills that took them from an ‘also ran’ to the ‘leaders of the pack’ are now available to companies, large and small, that have a vision and can see emerging future!

Years of Combined Experience

We have a team of dedicated specialist that have a combined experience of over 50 years in their fields. We use the best equipment for the job and can produce TV quality productions for our clients.

Our videographers have what it takes to get the best shot in any situation, be it a live event or scripted production. Backed by our top notch video editing team and our audio specialists we bring your video to life.

And if you need help deciding what you want or need we have a team that can point you in the right direction and even set up the production from “action to “It’s a wrap”!


Today, video content is at a completely elevated parameter of progressive media advertisement. Here at Infused Digital, we are a team of professional videographers, editors and audio specialists that get you what you need. Through expertise, experience, and quality avenues; we will sky rocket your business to the top.
We manage your YouTube page weekly and monthly with custom videos produced, filmed, edited and posted. Gaining exposure is a key element to success. A promotional video will do just that. We professionalize in wide range of videos including custom videos for your YouTube channel. Educational videos are the fastest growing segment of online videos. This allows potential clients and existing customers to visualize how to use your product or services in ways that will help them reach their goals. We also specialize in private parties, business parties and ceremonies or any other live coverage needs. Video, Marketing and social media, content creation and management services.

Our Video Marketing Service includes:

  • Weekly YouTube page managed with videos produced, filmed, edited and posted each week.
  • Video commercials
  • Video contests
  • Custom segments for your YouTube channel telling your story and branding your business.
  • Videos to be posted to social media platforms, website, yelp, and in house playlist for customers to view daily.

Social Media is the go-to marketing outlet. Marketing your company at the top of the social media podium gives your company a spotlight over other media outlets. Exposure is accomplished via vast social media platforms, websites, yelp, and in house playlist for customers to view regularly. Daily interaction and contests/events are ran and maintained via your Facebook Fan page to create maximum engagement. Fresh, promotional, relative video content is posted day-to-day with full interaction among fans and customers. We excel in the placement and optimization of your company to put you at the top of your game.

Our Social Media Management Service includes:

  • Daily engagement and contests ran and maintained daily to create maximum engagement.
  • fresh relative content posted daily.
  • Promo, informative, contests, events, commercial video posted daily.
  • Full Interaction with fans/customers.

Our full production house customizes in content creation and management for YouTube video channels, flyers, high resolution photos, video contests and social media campaigns. Through custom created video displays and custom engagement, customer awareness is grown through new age technology avenues such as cell phones, iPads, tablets, computers, etc.
At Infused Digital you will find the commitment and professionalism you need to best represent and elevate your brand.

Hi-res photos taken for:

  • Print
  • Magazines
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Flyers
  • In-house Display
  • Etc.

More Reasons To Go With Us.

  • We get your name out there and educate the public about you, your business, your events and the benefits of knowing you.
  • We produce, shoot, manage and edit the videos for your business.
  • We add videos on a regular schedule to keep it fresh.
  • We handle the details so you don’t have to.
  • People want information. They want to make an informed decision about you and/or your company.
  • YouTube and/or video are the top area marketing professionals are focusing on for the third year running.
  • Over 80 million videos are viewed every month on-line in the US alone!
  • YouTube is the top video site with the broadest demographics.
  • Social Media can spread the word faster than any other marketing venue.
  • Our packages are affordable and effective – a value by any measurement!