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Remarketing keeps you in front of your customers

Online shoppers today move quickly around the internet. They get to your website, view your products or services and then move on to the next thing that catches their attention. It’s becoming more and more difficult to engage your customers and keep them coming back to your website, which is why remarketing is so important. And now, remarketing has gotten so much better that it has become a must do for businesses looking to stay one step ahead of their direct competitors. Here at Infused Digital we understand the importance of staying in front of your potential customers. That is why we incorporate remarketing strategies in our digital marketing packages. We will code the back side of your website so that Google’s remarketing solution will work for you. Call today to talk with one of our remarketing specialists today.

Dynamic Remarketing

Remarketing ComputerDynamic remarketing has been a staple of ecommerce websites for several years now. If you go to a big retailer and shop for a specific item, you can best believe, that exact item will follow you around on the internet no matter what site you visit. Everywhere you go, it will be there. And although some people may find this to be a bit annoying or a little invasive, there is one big reason why all major retailers in the world market this way. The reason is because it works. Our mind gravitates to the things we like and recognize. So having a product follow you around as you browse other websites does one thing very well. It makes us remember that product and typically, in due time, purchase it.

Ecommerce and Remarketing

New Google RemarketingMany people don’t realize this, but many businesses are ecommerce businesses. So as an ecommerce business, wouldn’t it make sense to take advantage of the same marketing tools that the biggest and most successful companies like Amazon, eBay, and Zappos are utilizing? Of course it does, and now you can! Dynamic Retargeting allows you to follow customers around the largest network of websites with the exact product that they were viewing on your website. And why wouldn’t you entice them with the product that they are most interested in. If a shopper leaves your site and goes to New York Times, NFL, MSN or any one of the millions of websites we have access to, they will be hit with images of that product that most interests them. This has proven to be the most cost-efficient way to keep customers coming back to your site and to get them to send you their contact information or place an order.


Remarketing with Infused Digital

At Infused Digital we include remarketing as part of our digital marketing strategy. We will code the backend of your website with the remarketing code supplied by Google and create digital banners that will follow your website visitors when they leave your site. Utilizing remarketing is just one more piece of the puzzle that allows us to be the best marketing company in Southern California.