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Going Mobile is a Necessity

More and more people use their smartphones to make informed decisions about their online and offline purchases. These customers need to have a great mobile experience in order to fully engage. Having the right technology and being on the right platform will ensure that this happens. Giving your customer a bad experience is like a restaurant advertising an amazing dish and hiring the worst chef out there. If you give your customers a bad mobile experience, they are more than likely not to return to your site ever again. Remember most of the population has used their smartphone 7 of the last 7 days. Customers on their smartphones shop locally. In fact, the majority of smartphone users have looked for local information and used that information to make purchasing decisions. Make sure you provide them with the best possible experience to capture them as a customer. The numbers don’t lie.

How Mobile Shoppers Engage

So many people have searched for a product or service on their phone, and many go on to convert via a different path. The reason for this is the lack of a great experience. Other times it is because they end up making the actual  purchase on a computer where they feel more secure. A big percentage do their research on a smartphone then make a purchase offline. In general, mobile users look for quick pieces of information on their smartphone devices. Common searches are product and company reviews, Social Media interaction, and product ratings. They also look for immediate access such as directions to a business, a phone number to call, or a chat or text box to ask questions. A mobile shopper wants easy to access and navigate websites. If they do not get that, they will bounce right out of your website.

Mobile Website Work